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NEW Social Skills Groups

Beginning July 2019

Age Groups:   5-7 years, Mondays 1-2pm

                          8-10 years, Thursdays 3-4pm

                          11-13 years, Fridays 1-2pm

                          Teen Group ages 14-17 Fridays 3-4pm

Targeted skills include:

  • Positive peer relationships and forming social connections
  • Improving Social Awareness & Learning to read social cues
  • Improve Conversation Skills
  • Understanding others' perspective
  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem
  • Navigating social groups and cliques
  • How to best handle teasing or bullying challenges
  • Regulating and controlling emotions in social situations
  • Using coping skills for challenging social situations

$30 per session*, must be registered and paid in advance-


To REGISTER for social skills groups please click on the link below:

Call our office at 412-388-0880 or email 

with questions or if you need to make special arrangements for payment

***No refunds for sessions not attended.

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